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“Supplementary Information to Ontological Presentations and Symbols/Diagrams (Xom3)”

SUPPLEMENTARY includes background perspectives and further developments with comparative and explanatory texts, special terms, classifications, references to Martinus’ concepts and terminology, different translations of designations and terms, etc.



This page is under development and will be expanded by degrees.

The Terminology includes clarifications of special terms and expressions created by the Danish intuitive philosopher Martinus and his co-worker Per Bruus-Jensen with the aim of presenting and illustrating The Cosmic World View – Martinus Cosmology. The Terminology also includes additions by Therner & Loeth (Löth), New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS, of which most are developed in consultation with Per Bruus-Jensen, (as well as a few other relevant expressions).

In this short introduction we also want to emphasize that Martinus clearly points out that he does not present a “complete map” or a “concrete illustration” of life and reality. The X-Structure and the paraphysical reality are completely different in nature from the physical space and time related reality we know. Similarly, principles, structures, functions, etc. outside space and time cannot be described in the conventional sense via physical concepts and illustrations*. Thus, concepts, special terms, etc. are in this context merely to be seen as educational aids to facilitate the understanding of the real nature of life and reality.

* In this context the Danish physicist Niels Bohr can be mentioned, who introduced a “picture ban” in the light of the fact that quantum mechanics cannot be illustrated through physical images etc., but rather via formulas.

Terms by Martinus are marked (M), by Per Bruus-Jensen (PBJ), by Therner and Loeth (T&L).


X-Structure (PBJ, T&L) – the Nature of Life and Reality – see also X-RCT Process

A  –  Z

Basic energies / cosmic basic energies / fundamental energies (M)

Central need (PBJ)  (short: CN)

Cosmic basic energies, see Basic energies

Cosmic creative principles, see Creative principles

Cosmos – universe, multiverse

Creative principles / cosmic creative principles (M) / morphogenetic effect constans (PBJ)

Fundamental energies / basic energies / cosmic basic energies (M)

I, the I / the subject, see X1

Initial reality, see X0

Morphogenetic effect constants (PBJ) / cosmic creative principles / creative principles (M) 

Mother energy (M) – primary basic energy

Objective reality, see X3 (X3 obj.)

Primordial urge / primordial desire (M) (short: PU)

Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process (T&L) / the X-RCT Process (T&L) see also X-Structure

Subjective reality, see X3 (X3 subj.)

Triplementary principle (PBJ, T&L) / triune operating principle (PBJ) / triune principle (M)

Triune operating principle / triune principle, see Triplementary principle

X0 (PBJ) / 0X (M) – X0-nature, initial reality

X1 / the creator and experiencer, the “I” (M) – the subject

X2 / the creative and experiential ability (M)

X3 / the created and experienced (M) – objective reality (X3 obj.) and subjective reality (X3 subj.)

X-RCT Process / the Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process (T&L) see also X-Structure

X-Structure (PBJ, T&L) – the Nature of Life and Reality – see also X-RCT Process