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Unfortunately, only a limited amount of material by Per Bruus-Jensen has been translated into English therefore, for the time being, we also refer to the Danish and Swedish pages: Artikler og Koncept Danish and Artiklar och Koncept Swedish.

You are much, much more than your body or your mind.
You are a beautiful being, immortal, eternal, full of love and light.
Brian Weiss

* NCP X-AIONS, Therner & Loeth (January 2016): Consiousness Independent of the Brain and Formative Forces Beyond the Physical Body.. (very short on Rupert Sheldrake and The Cosmic Worldview).

* NCP X-AIONS, Therner & Loeth (June 2015):  In the Footsteps of Martinus and Per Bruus-Jensen – A visit to the Martinus Institute and the “Eremitagesletten” in Copenhagen, and continued work together with Per Bruus-Jensen …

* Per Bruus-Jensen: First of All – About the true foundation and starting point of all spiritual science.

* Per Bruus-Jensen: Experiments with Afterimages.

* Martinus: Through the Gates of Death – Sleep and Death — and — The Principle of Reincarnation.

* Dean Radin presents Evidence for PSI.
PSI: generic term for all types of parapsychological phenomena such as ESP (Extra Sensory perception): telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition and PK (psychokinesis, physical manifestations, thoughts impacting on matter).

* NCP X-AIONS, Therner & Loeth with Pim van Lommel: – Consciousness and Near-Death Research, On Death, Near Death and End-of-Life Experiences … (NDE, ELE etc.), Pim van Lommel and Peter & Elizabeth Fenwick .