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The Cosmic Worldview - A Greater Reality - New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS

ONTOLOGY I – The X-Structure contains introductory presentations by NCP X-AIONS at International Conferences and therefore comprises a complement to this page. READ MORE: ONTOLOGY I   

We also recommend the following page “Supplementary Information to Ontological Presentations and Symbols/Diagrams (Xom3)”, (not least to those of our readers who are familiar with Martinus Cosmology), which includes background perspectives and further developments with comparative and explanatory text, special terms, classifications, references to Martinus’ concepts and terminology, different translations of designations and terms, etc.

—  Introduction VIDEOS  —

  1. Consciousness, Reincarnation, Evolution and The X-Structure – The Nature of Life and Reality. (This video will be replaced with an updated version in the summer of 2024.)
  2. Forthcoming: The Journey of Consciousness Independent of The Physical Body and Reincarnation: A Fundamental Process of Evolution. (Similar to number one, but shorter).
  3. Forthcoming: The Living Multidimensional Cosmos, Consciousness, Astrobiological and Evolutionary Processes Governed by The X-Structure – The Nature of Life and Reality.

—  Introduction TEXTS  —

The introduction texts (1-4) below are stand-alone and can be read separately.

1. Presentation of New Cosmic Paradigm 

On the threshold of a New Paradigm which replaces the old materialistic worldview where chance and coincidence govern, with a new, comprehensive world-picture illustrating a living and infinite multiverse; the all-embracing Cosmos, where life is controlled and governed by an omnipresent consciousness in harmony with eternal creative principles and precise laws of nature. The journey of life does not begin with birth and end with the death of the physical body. Life is eternal and all living entities are immortal “life-units”, linked together and parts of the conscious, multidimensional and all-encompassing Cosmos.
The Cosmic Worldview – Martinus Cosmology presents a New Ontology a New Paradigm, and describes the “meeting between Science and Spirituality” and introduces new “Cosmic Science”. Providing logically consistent explanations of how life and reality are structured and function – and, not least, hope for the future. Meet a Greater Reality and the Danish intuitive philosopher Martinus Thomsen and his collaborator Per Bruus-Jensen …  READ MORE

2. A New Understanding of Life and Reality

The Cosmic Worldview presents a profound Solution to the Hard Problem of Consciousness and Reality.
Although natural science has created the foundation of our modern technological society, it cannot explain what the physical world essentially consists of or what it really is. According to traditional physics, 95% of the universe consists of something unknown; so-called dark energy and dark matter. The same is true for consciousness; traditional science does not know what it is. In fact, both our inner and outer worlds are a mystery – the Hard Problem of Consciousness and Reality.
The Cosmic Worldview including the Fundamental Energy Theory – FET presents a completely new description of life and reality that provides logical and consistent answers to these fundamental puzzles.
This introduction also briefly describes the X-Structure – the Basic Nature of Life and Reality, the Cosmic Creative Principles and the seven extremely subtle, qualitative Basic/ Fundamental Energies of which everything created in life and reality consists – from the most subtle, e.g. thoughts, feelings, memories, etc. to the very densest e.g. physical matter, black holes, etc. READ MORE

3. Short Introduction: – What is Reality? – What is Consciousness? – What is the Meaning of Life? 

Reality – The living multidimensional Cosmos – Physical and paraphysical reality – Initial, objective and subjective reality – Quantum physics and cosmic basic energies – A new concept of energy – The immortal “I” and the experience of the outside world – Wholeness and life-units.
Consciousness independent of the physical brain and body – The different structures of the organism: physical, semiphysical and paraphysical – The “I” and consciousness beyond time and space – Existence and immortality.
The Meaning of Life here and now, and in a far greater perspective – Hope for the Future and the development towards a new Era … A fantastic journey where all life forms participate!  READ MORE

4. The Ontology of The Cosmic Worldview – Introduction

The Ontology of the Cosmic Worldview (based on Martinus Cosmology) focuses on the X-Structure – the basic Nature of Life and Reality, as this primordial form is unknown to man, the Danish intuitive philosopher Martinus (1890-1981) expressed it with the letter “X”. The X-Structure demonstrates that all living beings have, in addition to the temporary physical body, an immortal paraphysical body/ structure, which the physical body is connected to and dependent on. Life and consciousness are independent of the physical body, and “to die” just implies a transition from physical life to a paraphysical continuation of life. The X-Structure also describes the process of reincarnation and explains past-life memories, near-death experiences, after-death communication, etc.
The X-Structure operates via the Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process – X-RCT Process: the bidirectional manifestation-perception process from unmanifested initial reality into manifested objective reality (manifestation) and the experience of it as qualia, subjective reality (perception) consciousness. I.e. from emptiness and stillness (initial reality) – to movement and quanta (objective reality) – to qualia (subjective reality).
The understanding of the fundamental X-Structure and the X-RCT Process gives an insight into reality as it is (the nature of objective reality) and, not least, the experience of it as qualia (the perception process and subjective reality). A profound solution to the Hard Problem of Consciousness (the mystery of experience, perception, qualia) and the Hard Problem of Reality (the nature of objective reality).
Novel and ground-breaking evolutionary perspectives are also presented, signifying a new era in Biology. Describing a constant renewal and development for all living beings – an eternal evolution of life and consciousness via the Cosmic Evolutionary Spiral … READ MORE



MartinusForumDK: Website with information about Martinus Cosmology including e.g. digitized original lectures with Per Bruus-Jensen.