NCP X-AIONS The X-Structure The Nature of Life and Reality
NCP X-AIONS & The X-Research Project
The COSMIC WORLDVIEW and The X-Structure
The Nature of LIFE and REALITY – Ontology of CONSCIOUSNESS and EVOLUTION
The X-Structure in Martinus Cosmology represents the Analysis of Life – the Basic Nature of Life and Existence. “X” – the Structure of Life and Immortality, Our Eternal Evolution and How we Survive Death. The X-Structure elucidates our Immortal Paraphysical Body Structure, which Exists and Operates totally Independently of the Temporary Physical Body.
The X-Structure and The Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process (X-RCT Process): A Bidirectional Manifestation-Perception Process from Unmanifested Initial Reality into Manifested Objective Reality (manifestation) and the Experience of it as Subjective Reality – Life Experience/Consciousness (perception).
– A Greater Reality –