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We collaborate internationally with mainstream scientists, but due to the current prejudice of the current old scientific paradigm, we protect their identity and support their work with us.

New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS

Arnold Therner, Nike Therner, Steen Löth

NCP X-AIONS – The X-Research Project presents:
The Cosmic Worldview – Ontology of Consciousness and Reality
“The X-Structure” and “The X-RCT Process” (the Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process);
– The Basic Nature of Life and Reality – Existence and Immortality – Evolution –
The Bidirectional Manifestation-Perception Transformation Process from Unmanifested Initial Reality into Manifested Objective Reality (manifestation) and the experience of it as Subjective Reality – Life-Experience/ Consciousness (perception).
A profound solution to “The Hard Problem of Consciousness” (the mystery of perception, qualia) and to “The Hard Problem of Reality” (the nature of objective reality).