The X-Structure – The Nature of Life and Reality

The Ontology of The Cosmic Worldview

 Existence – Immortality – Evolution
The Cosmic Worldview – Ontology of Life, Consciousness and Reality

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We also refer to:

Supplementary Information to Ontological Presentations and Symbols/Diagrams (Xom3), includes background perspectives and further developments with comparative and explanatory text, special terms, classifications, references to Martinus’ concepts and terminology, different translations of designations and terms, etc.

Introduktion til en Ny Virkelighedsforståelse … “Ontologi Brochure” by Per Bruus-Jensen, in Danish.

Ontology, original articles by Per Bruus-Jensen (in Danish and Swedish, a few in English) can be found under “Articles and Concepts”, see also “Artiklar och KonceptSwedish and “Artikler og KonceptDanish.