The X-Structure – the Living Being and the Organism (Xom3) – Overview

Therner & Loeth

This elementary overview (symbol/diagram) presents only the different main levels of the X-Structure including some special terms given by Martinus and/or Per Bruus-Jensen. Please note that the symbol/diagram does not include details.

This page just includes the symbol/diagram, you will find  Introduction and Symbol text at the following page Overview – Symbol/Diagram The X-Structure; The Living Being and The Organism.

The X-Structure - The Livning Being and The Organism (Xom3) NCP X-AIONS

(a) X0 the Initial Reality with its Central Need/CN and Infinite Potential,
Primordial Domain of Existence, the ”Unmanifested”, (emptiness, stillness)

(b) X1 the Subject/ the “I” with its initiating Primordial Urge/PU,
the Eternal Creator/Experiencer function, (emptiness, stillness)

(c) X2 the Mother Energy (the Primary Qualitative Basic Energy),
Primary Psychic Force field, (Eternal Body)

(d) X2/X3 the Eternal Body – Primary level (the “Element of Fate”),
Primary Psychic Force field, (“PP-force field”)
(at this level, we find the Perception Archive and different kinds of Ability-Nucs/ Talent Cores)

(e) X2/X3 the Eternal Body – Secondary level (the “Soul Structure”),
Secondary Psychic Force field, (“SP-force field”, Soul level)

(f) X2/X3 the Temporary Semiphysical structure; the “Switching Body”,
Semiphysical Force field

(g) X2/X3 the Temporary Physical organism; the Physical Body,
Physical Force field

(h-i) X3 the Created (X3 obj.) and Experienced (X3 subj.) – Energy Conversion:

(h) X3 Objectively: Energy Conversion, Movement – the “Created/Manifested”, Objective Reality, Material effect
X3 obj. the “Created” = objective reality: conversion of energy (X2) into movement (X3 obj.) (including material effect).

(i) X3 Subjectively: Energy Conversion, Qualia – the “Experienced”, Consciousness, Subjective Reality, Immaterial effect
X3 subj. the “Experienced” = subjective reality: the experience of movement (X3 obj.) as qualia, experience, consciousness (X3 subj.).

(I.e.: X3 obj. (the created) transformed via X2 (the creative and experiential ability), into X3 subj. only existing for X1 (the subject) (immaterial effect).
The figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in the diagram illustrate experiences (X3 subj.) of movement (X3 obj.), namely, the five universal classes of motion: 1. the primordial motion/ positional motion “from A to B” and the four derived motions that we know as 2. space, 3. time, 4. transformation, 5. matter.