The Cosmic Worldview – Introduction – Overview

A very brief overview that summarizes some of
the Fundamentals and Principles of
The Cosmic Worldview – Martinus Cosmology


  1. Life and Consciousness Beyond Death – Existence and Immortality – How we Survive Death
  2. Consciousness – The Perception Process and Qualia – Physical and Paraphysical Structures
  3. A New Psychology – Free Will – Future and Fate
  4. The Cosmic Evolutionary Spiral – A New Era in Biology – Physical and Paraphysical Dimensions
  5. The Sexual Evolution – The Transformation of the Poles – From Egoism to Altruism
  6. The All-Embracing Cosmos – Life-Units and Life within Life – The Structure of Entanglement 
  7. The X-Structure; the Nature of Life, Consciousness and Reality – The X-RCT Process 
  8. The Five Universal Classes of Motion
  9. The Qualitative Cosmic Basic (Fundamental) Energies and the Cosmic Creative Principles
  10. The Nature of Energy and Matter – A New Physics
  11. The Theory of Everything and The Fundamental Energy Theory – FET
  12. Spiritual Science and Intellectualization of the Content of Religions

1. Life and Consciousness Beyond Death – Existence and Immortality – How we Survive Death

The key to and explanation of immortality are to be found in the basic nature of life; the X-Structure. During periods of our eternal evolutionary process, we are living alternately in a physical world and in a paraphysical* world, during which periods reincarnation is a necessity. The X-structure demonstrates that all living beings have, in addition to the temporary physical body, an immortal paraphysical body/structure, which the physical body is connected to and dependent on. This paraphysical body/structure exists and operates totally independently of the physical body. This means that to “die” just implies a transition from physical life to a paraphysical continuation of life. The Cosmic Worldview describes the process of reincarnation including how life continues after death in paraphysical dimensions/planes of existence and the course of events which leads to a new incarnation. This also entails a new understanding of past-life memories, near-death experiences, after-death communication, etc.

We are given an account of how the paraphysical body is constructed and how it operates e.g., the stable storage units termed “ability-nucs”/ “talent cores”. The main functions of the talent cores are to accumulate all our personal experiences, abilities, skills, qualities, etc., in order to make it possible for us to reuse and develop them, including to take them with us from life to life. The talent cores are prerequisites for the development of all forms of life and evolutionary processes. Specific “organic-talent cores” contain information for the creation of organisms and are crucial for how things take their form, grow and evolve in a particular way (dismissing the traditional theory that all this complex form-shaping and development is merely genetically programmed). The primary form-shaping and evolving processes with all the underlying information are accumulated in the talent cores and activated at the paraphysical level. It should be emphasized that the talent cores/ ability-nucs are highly relevant in the field of epigenetics as they directly exert an influence on the genes of the DNA-spiral.

*Paraphysical: comprising “finer”, more subtle form of energy/matter with higher frequencies based on and functioning according to different constants and laws of nature compared to the physical world.

“Death is Life’s greatest surprise” – Martinus

2. Consciousness – The Perception Process and Qualia – Physical and Paraphysical Structures

The X-structure demonstrates the perception process which comprises three levels and “organic” structures (the total organism complex); physical, semiphysical and paraphysical. A description of how and why we have subjective phenomenal experiences, qualia – also provides a profound solution to the “explanatory gap” and the “hard problem of consciousness”. Martinus and Per Bruus-Jensen illustrate the semiphysical and paraphysical structures and their processes, which, side by side with the activities of the physical brain, constitute the foundation of our ability to experience, to remember, think, feel, etc. – in fact, of all activity within our consciousness. These paraphysical structures constitute an organic system that exists and functions independently of the physical body.

The talent cores/ ability-nucs (section 1) play a major role in the creation of qualia at all levels and dimensions. Specialized talent cores constitute a personal “perception archive”, (which includes all our earlier experiences, etc). The information stored in these talent cores gives “resonance” to new incoming objective impulses and influences how we transform, interpret and act on stimuli, i.e. the transformation of objective reality into personal subjective reality, (the bidirectional Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process, X-RCT Process, section 7).

3. A New Psychology – Free Will – Future and Fate

The X-structure elucidates the underlying elements and processes of all mental activity and thus presents a new and completely fundamental explanatory model of Human Psychology. This involves many new and crucial dimensions including e.g. reincarnation perspectives, influences from past-lives, karma, etc.

The Cosmic Worldview also highlights the interaction of free will with the fundamental principles and natural laws prevailing in existence. It provides us with an explanation of the real links between cause and effect, actions and consequences, and thereby also awareness of how we can influence our future and our fate. In understanding this, humanity will develop an ever deeper sense of responsibility, empathy, and care for all life.

According to Martinus, humanity is at an evolutionary phase of development where intuition* is at a minimum stage but will gain strength as part of the ongoing evolutionary process. A phase where our instinct* is diminishing, and intelligence* and, not least, intuition are increasing, this progressive energy change and development in our psyche and mentality also entails that egoism will gradually be replaced by altruism. Altogether this characterizes the new emerging paradigm with increasing awareness of life and reality.

*Brief description of Instinct, Intelligence and Intuition:
Instinct: automation, autonomy, automatic functions, tropisms, habitual patterns, routines, virtuosity, traditionalism, rituals, ability to believe even fanaticism, dogmatism.
Intelligence: analysis, logic, rationality, expediency, efficiency, recognition/identification, reflection, calculation, foresight, imagination.
Intuition: synthesis, quintessence, instant understanding and knowing (independent of any previous studies and our ordinary perception and sensory organs), penetrating, immediate insight, design and generation of ingenious ideas and perfected constructive creativity.

4. The Cosmic Evolutionary Spiral – A New Era in Biology – Physical and Paraphysical Dimensions

Novel and ground-breaking evolutionary perspectives signifying a new era in Biology. All life evolves in a law-governed evolutionary process in the form of “spiral cycles” which gradually lead to ever higher forms of life – the Cosmic Evolutionary Spiral. Every spiral cycle/turn includes six fundamentally different planes of existence/ dimensions (corresponding to the Cosmos’ six main fields of consciousness) through which all living beings wander in ever new ways. We know three of these planes of existence as mineral kingdom, plant kingdom and animal kingdom. The other three dimensions are paraphysical, and we live on these planes of existence after death between our physical lives. Further ahead in the evolutionary spiral we live and develop in the paraphysical dimensions for long periods of time after which life continues again in physical dimensions, but then of a completely new character.

During fetal development (from zygote to birth) we repeat earlier stages of development of our current spiral cycle/turn. This “repetition” can be observed and followed throughout fetal development; the creating and shaping of an organism by embryological processes of differentiation of cells, tissues and the development of organ systems, etc., where the organic-talent cores are of crucial importance (section 1). The stages of development that are farthest from our current level of development are repeated first and fastest. This development process is termed the “repetition” and continues after birth with repeated sequences from past lives and lasts until the individual is about 28 years of age (applying to humans at the current level of development). The ongoing result of the Cosmic Evolutionary Spiral is an everlastingly renewed experience of life and evolution of consciousness.

5. The Sexual Evolution – The Transformation of the Poles – From Egoism to Altruism

Humanity is at the beginning of a profound transformation process of its sexuality and mentality, which at the same time implies a development from egoism and selfishness to altruism. The evolutionary process from animal to the level Martinus terms “real human”, illustrates the current stage of human development, which can be illustrated by the Sphinx, i.e. half animal and half human. This process is termed the ”transformation of the poles” and implies an organic development from a so-called ”one-poled” state (distinctly male/masculine or female/feminine) to a ”double-poled” state (which can briefly be described as androgynous, a combination of and balance between male/masculinity and female/femininity which entails that a new kind of human being is about to develop. The underlying structures and principles of this development process are described, (the complex transformation process from animal and egoism to real human and altruism). The “one-poled” state .i.e. sex and gender division, occurs mainly in the physical planes of existence (section 4) beginning in the plant kingdom and culminating in the animal kingdom, where it later decreases and the development of a ”double-poled” state begins.

“Sexuality” also takes on a whole new and far wider meaning, which helps us to understand ourselves deeply and the development phase we are going through. We get new and logical perspectives on the transitional period we are living in, characterized in several different aspects by a “sexualized” society. At the same time, a significant increase in gender awareness and the pursuit of equality are noticeably emerging. These are both characteristics of the sometimes difficult and confusing process we are undergoing on the way to an altruistic society.

6. The All-Embracing Cosmos – Life-Units and Life within Life – The Structure of Entanglement

Life organizes itself as “Life within Life”, thereby existing in common interaction and mutual dependence. Life within life means that every being is both a macro-being, which provides living space for micro-beings – and also a micro-being, which gets its living space from a larger macro-being. All living beings are immortal “life-units” linked together and parts of the infinite and living wholeness; the all-embracing, multidimensional Cosmos. Life is eternal and meaningful for every individual entity as well as for the totality/ wholeness.

The division of the Cosmos (the all-embracing wholeness) into life-units is primarily caused by one of the “Cosmic Creative Principles” (form-creating structuring principles that sustain and organize life and reality, section 9), termed the Life-unit principle*. Thus, this principle implies the division of the wholeness and structuring of energy into units/quanta such as particles, cells, organs, organisms, planets, suns, galaxies. The life-unit principle is responsible for manifested reality’s fractalized structure and nature, its division into units of any form, including organisms for living beings. In other words, this entails that the living Cosmos, on the manifested level, has divided and structured itself into living units/ living beings.

The complementarity of wholeness/oneness and duality/separation, as well as the “Structure of Entanglement” are formed and explained mainly by the life-unit principle.
(* also termed Matter and Life-Unit principle)

7. The X-Structure; the Nature of Life, Consciousness and Reality – and The X-RCT Process

“The X-Structure” – the basic Nature of Life and Reality, as this primordial form is unknown by man, Martinus expressed it by the letter X, also termed “the living Something”, “the living being”. The X-structure constitutes the ultimate foundation and prerequisite for Life, Consciousness and Reality; for everything that exists, has existed and will exist. The X-structure is in principle the same for all forms of life including the infinite and all-embracing Cosmos, and its main function is the continuous creation of Consciousness.

The Initial Reality “X0″ (the primordial domain of existence) is an all-embracing, immaterial, unmanifested world of emptiness and stillness, containing infinite potential of creative possibilities. The X0-nature is continuously generating a fundamental, indivisible, integrated principle termed “the Triune Operating Principle X” with three functional aspects that characterize all of life:

X1 the Creator and Experiencer – X2 the Creative and Experiential Ability – X3 the Created and Experienced

X1 – the Creating and Experiencing Something (the Creator and Experiencer) – the Subject/ the “I” (the “bearer of consciousness”, the timeless ”central point” we term ad refer to as ”I”).
Emptiness, Stillness 

X2 – this Something’s Creative and Experiential Ability (the Creative and Experiential Ability) – qualitative “basic energies” and form-creating and structuring principles.
Energy  (seven qualitative cosmic basic energies incl. creative principles/ morphogenetic effect constants, section 9)

X3 – this Something’s Created and Experienced Reality (the Created and Experienced) – X3 is the result of the interaction between the Subject/ the “I” (X1) and its Creative and Experiential Ability (X2), represented by movement including the “material illusion” as objective reality (X3 obj.) on one side, and the experience of it as subjective reality (X3 subj.) on the other.
I.e. objective and subjective effects: movement, “the material illusion”, the manifested Cosmos (obj. reality) – and – the experience of it as qualia (subj. reality); the ”subjective reality complex”.
Energy Conversion, Movement  (X3 = energy conversion:  X3 obj. = movement, X3 subj. = experience of movement; qualia.)

X- Structure (Xom3-c4c) NCP X-AIONSIn Summary: The X-Structure with its Triune Operating Principle is activating and transforming X0 into X3. This transformation process is termed the Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process – X-RCT Process: the bidirectional manifestation-perception process from unmanifested initial reality/X0, into manifested objective reality/X3 obj. (manifestation) and the experience of it as qualia, subjective reality/X3 subj. (perception).
I.e. the X-RCT Process from emptiness and stillness (initial reality, X0) – to movement and quanta (objective reality, X3 obj.) – to qualia (subjective reality, X3 subj.).

The X-Structure and the X-RCT Process provides a profound solution to the “Hard Problem of Consciousness” (the mystery of perception and qualia) and the “Hard Problem of Reality” (the nature of objective reality).

8. The Five Cosmic Classes of Motion

(This section is a direct continuation of section 7)
Everything created (X3) emerges as an expression of life – movements, and thus constitutes a contrast to the X0-nature of emptiness and stillness, (without contrast no experience). Creation involves the conversion of energy and manifests itself as movement, namely the five universal classes of motion: 1. The “primordial motion” and the four so-called ”derived motions” in the physical world known as 2. Space, 3.Time, 4.Transformation, 5. Matter.
The primordial motion has both objective and subjective status and implies positional motion “from A to B”, whereas the four derived motions are subjective versions (X3 subj.) and thus alternative representations of the objective primordial motion (X3 obj.), transformed by X1 in interaction with X2.

Martinus states: “Motion is the most distinctive feature of life – movement is life in a demonstration.” In his teachings to Per Bruus-Jensen, he also emphasized that: “all motions of the Multiverse neutralize each other, confirming the all-embracing X0-nature of emptiness and stillness as its base”.

9. The Qualitative Cosmic Basic (Fundamental) Energies and Cosmic Creative Principles 

The Cosmic Worldview presents an original and new concept of energy, by Martinus termed “Cosmic Basic Energy” –  in fact consisting of seven extremely subtle, qualitative basic energies (elementary energies), each of which holds specific properties. The basic energies build up everything in life and existence from the very densest physical matter to the most subtle that exists including our thoughts, feelings, memories, etc. I.e. everything created consists of these qualitative basic energies. In order to illustrate the specific qualities, impacts and strengths of the basic energies, Martinus gave them different signature colors and numbers that he consistently used in his symbols. It should be emphasized that the basic/fundamental energies always operate together in different combinations (Martinus terms this topic “Cosmic Chemistry”). When you know these qualitative basic energies you will recognize them in everything and everywhere. Read more the Cosmic Basic Energies.

The primary basic/ fundamental energy, the “mother energy” holds and operates via a number of so-called “cosmic creative principles” or “morphogenetic effect constants”; form-creating and structuring forces that sustain and organize life and reality. We can empirically observe the effects of the mother energy’s morphogenetic effect constants for instance in what we term constants and laws of nature with their extremely delicate precision etc. In other words, the appropriate functioning of the multidimensional Cosmos is a result of these morphogenetic effect constants. The X2-function (section 7) with its effect constants/ creative principles creates contrasts to the X0-nature; emptiness, stillness, wholeness, infinity, eternity, nonduality, nonlocality is transformed and structured into movement, life-units, space, time, states, distances, etc. Read more the Cosmic Creative Principles.

The X2-function with its Cosmic Creative Principles/ Morphogenetic Effect Constants operates and functions as “transformation processes”, creating contrasts to the X0-nature, e.g.:

• Wholeness → Life-Units, Separation, Quantification…
• Emptiness → Energy, Matter
• Stillness → Movement
• Infinity → Space
• Eternity → Time

10. The Nature of Energy and Matter – A New Physics

From Physics we know that particles constitute an extremely tiny part of matter and that an apparently omnipresent void (99,999…9%) is dominant, i.e. almost 100% is just “emptiness”. Physicists refer to it as the zero point field or the quantum vacuum field and they have realized that it is actually not empty, but in fact, holds unbelievable concentrations of very subtle energy – the so-called vacuum or zero-point energy – without knowing what it is, nor its purpose.

The Cosmic Worldview explains the mentioned subtle vacuum energy as the seven qualitative cosmic basic/ fundamental energies (section 9). It also describes how these basic/ fundamental energies in the zero-point/ vacuum field constitute particles and matter and how particles actually are identical to these basic energies, although in a condensed form. In other words, particles are just densified energy (section 11). Einstein’s famous formula, E = mc² is expanded to X2 = mc², followed by a clarification of the energy concept which is shown to be immaterial at its roots – A New Era in Physics.

11. The Theory of Everything and The Fundamental Energy Theory – FET

Physicists have worked intensively for a long time to understand our physical world, including to unify the four forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces into what they term the “Theory of Everything”, but so far without any complete solution. NCP X-AIONS has published (2012) Leif Pettersson’s ground-breaking material demonstrating a new model (completely based on Martinus Cosmology); “The Fundamental Energy Theory – FET”, that without any contradiction unifies the four fundamental forces of nature, and thereby meets the criteria for the “Theory of Everything”.

FET is primarily focusing on two of the qualitative fundamental/ basic energies; the “expansion energy” and the “contraction energy”, and how they are underlying and constituting the entire physical world. The other fundamental energies are also involved in these processes but to a much lesser degree. The expansion and contraction energies have totally opposite characteristics, i.e. there is tension between them. FET states that the interaction and tension between these two energies constitute the very basis of what physicists term force, particles, and matter. FET describes and explains the enigmatic dark matter and dark energy, the creation of particles from the zero-point field that in turn elucidates the phenomena of mass (Higgs field), curved space, the mechanisms of gravity and much more. Read more “Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of Everything – The Fundamental Energy Theory –  FET”.

12. Spiritual Science and Intellectualizing of the Content of Religions 

Martinus termed his intuitive knowledge “Spiritual Science”, presenting a new world-picture that also involves deep and logical explanations of the content of religions (using Christianity as its point of departure). Martinus clarifies evident misunderstandings and misinterpretations and provides a profound solution to the Theodicy problem which explains the causes of suffering and evil; intellectualizing the content of religions and, even more importantly, demonstrating that Love is the strongest and most powerful force.

Martinus’ Spiritual Science guides us in our ongoing development from faith (instinct-based ) to knowledge, understanding, and direct insight (intelligence and intuition-based ) about Life and Reality – the living, infinite, all-embracing Cosmos that has, through the ages, often been referred to as “God”, “The Divine” etc., of which all living things are part, as immortal life-units.