The X-Structure; the Nature of Life, Consciousness and Reality – and The X-RCT Process

The X-Structure – the basic Nature of Life and Reality, as this primordial form is unknown by man, Martinus expressed it by the letter X, also termed “the living Something”, “the living being”. The X-structure constitutes the ultimate foundation and prerequisite for Life, Consciousness and Reality; for everything that exists, has existed and will exist. The X-structure is in principle the same for all forms of life including the infinite and all-embracing Cosmos, and its main function is the continuous creation of Consciousness.

The Initial Reality “X0″ (the primordial domain of existence) is an all-embracing, immaterial, unmanifested world of emptiness and stillness, containing infinite potential of creative possibilities. The X0-nature is continuously generating a fundamental, indivisible, integrated principle termed “the Triune Operating Principle X” with three functional aspects that characterize all of life:

X1 the Creator and Experiencer – X2 the Creative and Experiential Ability – X3 the Created and Experienced

X1 – the Creating and Experiencing Something (the Creator and Experiencer) – the Subject/ the “I” (the “bearer of consciousness”, the timeless ”central point” we term ad refer to as ”I”).
Emptiness, Stillness 

X2 – this Something’s Creative and Experiential Ability (the Creative and Experiential Ability) – qualitative “basic energies” and form-creating and structuring principles.
Energy  (seven qualitative cosmic basic energies incl. creative principles/ morphogenetic effect constants, section 9)

X3 – this Something’s Created and Experienced Reality (the Created and Experienced) – X3 is the result of the interaction between the Subject/ the “I” (X1) and its Creative and Experiential Ability (X2), represented by movement including the “material illusion” as objective reality (X3 obj.) on one side, and the experience of it as subjective reality (X3 subj.) on the other.
I.e. objective and subjective effects: movement, “the material illusion”, the manifested Cosmos (obj. reality) – and – the experience of it as qualia (subj. reality); the ”subjective reality complex”.
Energy Conversion, Movement  (X3 = energy conversion:  X3 obj. = movement, X3 subj. = experience of movement; qualia.)

X- Structure (Xom3-c4c) NCP X-AIONSThe X-RCT Process the Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process

The X-Structure with its Triune Operating Principle is activating and transforming X0 into X3. This transformation process is termed the Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process – X-RCT Process: the bidirectional manifestation-perception process from unmanifested initial reality/X0, into manifested objective reality/X3 obj. (manifestation) and the experience of it as qualia, subjective reality/X3 subj. (perception).
I.e. the X-RCT Process from emptiness and stillness (initial reality, X0) – to movement and quanta (objective reality, X3 obj.) – to qualia (subjective reality, X3 subj.).

The X-Structure and the X-RCT Process provides a profound solution to the “Hard Problem of Consciousness” (the mystery of perception and qualia) and the “Hard Problem of Reality” (the nature of objective reality).