In the Footsteps of Martinus and Per Bruus-Jensen

June 2015  –  A Visit to the Martinus Institute and the “Eremitagesletten” in Copenhagen, and continued work together with Per Bruus-Jensen …

The Martinus Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Martinus Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark

In connection with a planned working meeting with Per Bruus-Jensen in Videbeck (Juteland, Denmark), we (Steen Loeth and Arnold Therner, New Cosmic Paradigm – NCP X-AIONS) visited the Martinus Institute in Copenhagen. Mary McGovern showed us around the beautiful house on Mariendalsvej, including Martinus’ private apartment, which has been a museum for many years (photo below). Related to this we would like to point out that the Martinus Institute recently published The Eternal Worldpicture vol. 6 (Book of Symbols, vol. 6, in Danish and Swedish), and are now working on the digitization of original documents including Martinus’ extensive correspondence. Through the close relationship and contact between Sigbritt Therner and Arnold Therner, NCP X-AIONS gained a broader insight into the connection and correspondence between Martinus and Sigbritt including, for example, reference to Martinus´ 11 years of daily tuition of Per Bruus-Jensen (PBJ) and also the mission that Martinus assigned to Per, namely to specify, systematize and codify the intuitive knowledge that Martinus conveyed, which would also equip him for his later work; pursuing the creation of connections between this Cosmology and Natural science; i.e. between Spirituality and Science – for more information please see “Archive & History“. It may be added that Sigbritt started the first Martinus Center in Sweden; Kosmos Feriehem, in Varnhem, in 1951. The center was inaugurated by Martinus on June 19, 1965.

Mary McGovern, Arnold Therner, Steen Loeth - Martinus Institute, Copenhagen 2015

Mary McGovern, Arnold Therner, Steen Loeth – The Martinus Institute, Copenhagen, 2015 June

Arnkell Sytryggsson, Dan Elhauge, Steen Loeth, Mary McGovern - Martinus Institute 2015

Arnkell Sytryggsson, Dan Elhauge, Steen Loeth, Mary McGovern – The Martinus Institute, Copenhagen, 2015 June

Martinus' private apartement Martinus Institut, DK (June 2015)

Martinus’ private apartement – The Martinus Institute, Copenhagen (2015, June)

Erimitagesletten, Copenhagen 2015 NCP X-AIONS

Erimitagesletten, Copenhagen 2015 NCP X-AIONS

We also found time for a very evocative walk in the evening sun around the peaceful Eremitagesletten in Dyrehaven (Deer Park), Copenhagen. Our walk reminded us of what Per (PBJ) told us about time he had spent there with Martinus. In the book “Sun & Moon” (Danish and Swedish) Per writes of one very special occasion. During one of their walks in the park, Per told Martinus that he always experienced the feeling of a benign harmonic atmosphere there. And Martinus revealed that in this precise area, a great paraphysical city is situated, with discarnate people, institutions etc. and, not least, schools for guardian angels and “helpers”. The latter have many important functions, including assisting the transition from physical life to the state we call “death” which actually means the continuation of life on a paraphysical plane of existence. Martinus explained to Per that it is the fine radiance of this paraphysical city that permeates through to the physical plane, which some people sense as a very pleasant and special atmosphere that pervades the park (Eremitagesletten, Dyrehaven ). Per describes all this in detail in the book “Sun & Moon”  (Afterword pages 91-97) the text of which is complemented by some beautiful photos of Martinus taken by Per at Eremitagesletten). In this context, we also refer to the page Consciousness and Near-Death Research, On Death, Near Death and End-of-Life Experiences … (referring to studies by Peter & Elizabeth Fenwick, Pim van Lommel).

Eremitagesletten, Copenhagen June 2015 NCP X-AIONS
Eremitagesletten, Copenhagen, Juni 2015 NCP X-AIONS

Dyrehaven, Copenhagen, June 2015, NCP X-AIONS “In the Footsteps of Martinus and Per Bruus-Jensen”

Martinus, Dyrehaven, Copenhagen 1960 (Photo Per Bruus-Jensen)
Martinus, Dyrehaven Copenhagen 1960 (Photo Per Bruus-Jensen).

Martinus 1960, Eremitagesletten, Dyrehaven – Photo: Per Bruus-Jensen (from the book “Sun & Moon”).

Before we left Själland/ Sealand in Denmark heading for Jylland/ Jutland and Per Bruus-Jensen, we also visited the Martinus Center, Klint where the summer program would start later in the week.

Martinus Center, Klint DK, June 2015 NCP X-AIONS