The Mother Energy
– The Primary and Supreme Basic Energy/ Fundamental Energy –

Therner & Loeth

In this text, we have only used the term “basic energies” for the “basic” or “fundamental” energies.

Mother Energy (violet, 420) – the primary and supreme basic energy: In practice, it constitutes the quintessence of the subject’s (X1’s) ability to create and experience (X2). The mother energy is the very source of the six other basic energies, also termed working energies. These exist as potentialities within the mother energy and are “exchanged”, regulated and governed by the mother energy. The mother energy is defined as the primary and supreme basic energy in the sense that it simultaneously generates, regulates and co-ordinates the six other basic energies/ working energies. From this perspective, the mother energy is to be seen as the first basic energy. The mother energy is also the guarantor of the cosmic world order, i.e., the finely-tuned and precise functioning and development of the manifested, multidimensional Cosmos, as this is a result of the cosmic basic energies and their specific combinations, and the effects of the so-called cosmic creative principles that also exist as potentialities within the mother energy.
The mother energy operates holistically and fully automatically according to specific effect programs via the mentioned cosmic creative principles. These enable the transformation of immaterial initial reality (X0) into material objective reality (X3 obj.) and the experience of it as qualia/ subjective reality (X3 subj.). In this context, the cosmic creative principles function as form-creating effect constants; “morphogenetic effect constants.” (I.e., in practice, the cosmic creative principles thus function as a series of morphogenetic effect constants.)

The two main functions of the Mother Energy in brief:

1. The mother energy generates, regulates and co-ordinates the six other basic energies (the working energies) and operates them in a specific cosmochemical manner in a law-governed, structured cyclic flow of particular combinations, thereby enabling all forms of creation to be infinitely varied. This division and conversion of the mother energy, the so-called “split” of the mother energy with the law-governed structured flow of the six basic energies into different specific combinations occurs and is structured in the eternal body and via the six so-called spiral centers (also termed basic talent cores)*. This continuously ongoing process is an absolute and fundamental prerequisite for all forms of life, development and evolution. The six basic energies (working energies) are structured in six specific main combinations, which create six different planes of existence with varying stages of development. The six different main combinations of the basic energies follow a cyclic pattern that leads to new planes of existence, dimensions, life, organisms and experiences**.

* The six spiral centers/ basic talent cores are situated in the eternal body, primary level, area d (Xom3), the element of fate, Link to Xom3.
** Symbols/ Diagrams: “The Split of the Mother Energy” and “The Combinations of the Basic Energies”.

2. The mother energy holds and operates via a number of so-called cosmic creative principles, also termed morphogenetic effect constants; formative and structuring forces that sustain and organize life and reality. For instance, we can empirically observe the effects of the mother energy’s morphogenetic effect constants in what we term the constants and laws of nature with their extremely delicate precision, etc. The cosmic creative principles operate and function as “transformation processes” creating contrasts to the X0-nature of emptiness, stillness, wholeness, infinity, eternity, nonduality and nonlocality which is transformed and structured into energy/matter, movement, life-units, space, time, states, distances, etc. (In other words, the appropriate functioning of the manifested, multidimensional Cosmos is a result of the morphogenetic effect constants and the basic energies.)


As can be seen from the text above, the mother energy possesses and controls the six qualitative basic energies/ working energies and the cosmic creative principles, and thus constitutes the very core of the subject’s (X1’s) creative and experiential ability (X2).
The following illustration may facilitate the understanding of this:
Imagine something to be created, e.g. a house. We can compare the basic energies with building materials and the creative principles with the tools (X2) that enable the process of building/ construction and the design of the material for the builder, (X1).

X1 the builder (the creator and experiencer, the subject/ the I)
X2 materials and tools (the creative and experiential ability)
X3 the built house (the created: the house X3 objective/ material and the experience of it X3 subjective/ immaterial)