The Ontology of The Cosmic Worldview

— Brief Introduction —

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The X-Structure; the Nature of Life and Reality
Life and Consciousness Beyond Death – Existence and Immortality
How we Transform Objective Reality into Qualia – A Solution to the Hard Problem of Consciousness

This page presents a very brief introduction  – for a more comprehensive introduction we refer to The Ontology of The Cosmic Worldview – The X-Structure and The Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process (X-RCT Process)

The Cosmic WorldviewVilla San Michele NCP X-AIONS

The Cosmic Worldview presents a New Ontology – a New Paradigm; a comprehensive world-picture illustrating a living and infinite Multiverse – the all-embracing Cosmos, where life is controlled and governed by an omnipresent consciousness in harmony with eternal creative principles and precise laws of nature. All living entities are immortal “life-units”, linked together and parts of this conscious, multidimensional and all-embracing Cosmos*.
Novel and ground-breaking evolutionary perspectives are also presented, signifying a new era in Biology. Describing a constant renewal and development for all living beings – an eternal evolution of life and consciousness via the Cosmic Evolutionary Spiral.

The Cosmic Worldview is based on the unique and ground-breaking knowledge conveyed by the Danish intuitive philosopher Martinus Thomsen (1890-1981) – Martinus Cosmology, systematized and further developed by his former trainee and collaborator Per Bruus-Jensen.**
New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS is representing the Cosmic Worldview and the branch of Martinus Cosmology that presents Ontological Principles and New Science, focusing on the great issues of Life, Consciousness and Reality – accommodating natural science and contributing to the development of a new all-embracing ”Cosmic Science”. This branch is especially represented by the comprehensive work and literature of Per Bruus-Jensen and the X-Research Project by NCP X-AIONS focusing on the Ontology of the Cosmic Worldview.

* The all-embracing Cosmos; in the Cosmic Worldview – Martinus Cosmology, the term “Cosmos” refers to and encompasses everything that exists – all worlds and dimensions, i.e. our own universe and beyond, including all forms of life and reality. Read more.
** Read more about Martinus and Per Bruus-Jensen: Presentation of New Cosmic Paradigm, sections: 2.1 Martinus – Martinus Cosmology2.2 Martinus and Per Bruus-Jensen – The Cosmic Worldview and  2.3 “The Two Branches”.

The X-Structure – the Nature of Life and Reality
The Cosmic Worldview focuses on the “X-Structure” – the basic nature of life and reality. As this primordial form is unknown to man Martinus has chosen to express it with the letter “X”. Life and reality in its basic form cannot be explained by or compared to anything known, for this reason, he also described and expressed it as “a nameless Something, that is” or “the living Something”. The X-structure is immortal, organic and holistic.
The X-Structure is in principle the same for all forms of life and its main function is continuous creation of consciousness/ experience, a forever ongoing transformation process of objective reality into subjective reality/ experience, qualia. 

The Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process – X-RCT Process
The X-Structure operates via the ”Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process” – X-RCT Process: the bidirectional manifestation-perception process from unmanifested initial reality into manifested objective reality (manifestation) and the experience of it as qualia subjective reality (perception) consciousness. I.e. from emptiness and stillness (initial reality) – to movement and quanta (objective reality) – to qualia (subjective reality).

The knowledge and understanding of the X-Structure and the X-RCT Process gives an insight into reality as it is (the nature of objective reality) and, not least, the experience of it as qualia (the perception process and the subjective reality).
A profound solution to the “Hard Problem of Consciousness” (the mystery of experience, perception, qualia) and the “Hard Problem of Reality” (the nature of objective reality).
– And even more importantly; it will profoundly and very positively affect how we live our lives and thus the future of all life on Earth.

New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONSLife and Consciousness Independent of the Physical Body
The X-structure demonstrates that all living beings have, in addition to the temporary physical body, an immortal/ eternal paraphysical body/ structure with an “organic” system, which the physical body is connected to and dependent on. This paraphysical structure exists and operates totally independently of the physical body. To ”die” just means a transition from physical life to a paraphysical continuation of life. The X-structure also describes the process of reincarnation and explains past-life memories, near-death experiences, after-death communication, etc.

— Before we go further, a very brief overview of the X-Structure (or continue on ”Life Beyond Death – Existence and Immortality”)  —

The X-Structure and the Triplementary Principle  (Triune Operating Principle)

The Initial Reality – X0 (the primordial domain of existence) is an all-embracing, immaterial unmanifested world of emptiness and stillness; a world which, in “virtual” form, contains infinite creative possibilities (creative potentials) thereby constituting the initial reality; the absolute and comprehensive foundation and origin of everything. Here prevails emptiness, stillness, wholeness, eternity and infinity; a state of total nonduality and nonlocality.
X0 is permeated and influenced by a spontaneous and continuous need for self-knowledge (to perceive and experience itself, to manifest itself), termed the central need. The central need constitutes a need for contrast to the unmanifested X0-nature; a need to convert and transform itself into manifested form by using the infinite potential of creative possibilities (creative potentials). In other words; the conversion of the ”virtual” creative possibilities in X0 into manifested form results in a “Something” that is capable of self-experience and self-affirmation – a “Something” with the ability and will to perceive and experience itself. The central need is “supported” by the creative possibilities (creative potentials), which, by their nature, continuously and spontaneously appeal to their own conversion into manifested form, (fig. 1).
The “first”, and continuous effect of the central need is the generating of a motivating and determining will, termed the primordial urge, taking advantage of the potential creative possibilities (creative potentials) in order to create a contrast to the X0-nature of emptiness and stillness, (fig. 2).
The direct and constant result of this conversion process via the central need and the primordial urge, is the continuous initiation and permanent activation of an indivisible, fundamental principle termed the Triplementary Principle X* with three integrated functional aspects X1, X2, X3 that characterize all of life. (fig. 3 and 4)
* also termed Triune Operating Principle, Triune Principle.

The X-Structure; X0 Initial Reality (Xom3-c1) NCP X-AIONS

Figure 1

The X-Structure; X0 and The Primordial Urge (Xom3-c2) NCP X-AIONS

Figure 2

The X-Structure; X0 and The Triune Operating Principle X1, X2, X3 (Xom3-c3) NCP X-AIONS

Figure 3

Note!  the Triplementary Principle (Triune Operating Principle) is indivisible, the three integrated functional aspects (X1, X2, X3) operating and functioning as a whole. All forms of division should therefore be seen as “theoretical analysis-illustrations” aiming to facilitate the understanding of the triplementary principle X.

The Triplementary Principle X (Triune Operating Principle) with the three integrated functional aspects:
X1 the Creator and Experiencer – X2 the Creative and Experiential Ability – X3 the Created and Experienced

X- Structure (Xom3-c4c) NCP X-AIONS

Fig. 4 – The X-Structure (Xom3-c4c) New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS

X1 – the Creating and Experiencing Something (the Creator and Experiencer) – the Subject/ the “I”, (the “bearer of consciousness”, the timeless ”central point” we term ad refer to as ”I”).
Emptiness, Stillness.

X2 – this Something’s Creative and Experiential Ability (the Creative and Experiential Ability) – seven qualitative “basic energies” incl. form-creating structuring principles.
Energy  (qualitative cosmic basic energies incl. creative principles/ morphogenetic effect constants)

X3 – this Something’s Created and Experienced Reality (the Created and Experienced) – X3 is the result of the interaction between the Subject/ the “I” (X1) and its Creative and Experiential Ability (X2), represented by movement including the “material illusion” as objective reality (X3 obj.) on one side, and the experience of it as subjective reality (X3 subj.) on the other.
I.e. objective and subjective effects: movement, the “material illusion”, the manifested Cosmos (obj. reality) – and – the experience of it as qualia (subj. reality); the ”subjective reality complex”.
Energy Conversion, Movement  (X3 = energy conversion: X3 obj. = movement, X3 subj.= experience of movement; qualia.)

The X-Structure and the Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process – X-RCT
The X-Structure with its Triplementary Principle (Triune Operating Principle) is activating and transforming X0 into X3. This transformation process is termed the Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process – X-RCT Process; the bidirectional manifestation-perception process from unmanifested initial reality/X0, into manifested objective reality/X3 obj. (manifestation) and the experience of it as qualia, subjective reality/X3 subj. (perception).
I.e. the X-RCT Process from emptiness and stillness (initial reality, X0) – to movement and quanta (objective reality, X3 obj.) – to qualia (subjective reality, X3 subj.).

Read more The X-Structure and the X-RCT Process

The Five Universal Classes of Motion 
Everything created (X3) emerges as an expression of life and implies movement, and thus constitutes a contrast to the X0-nature of emptiness and stillness, (without contrast no experience). Creation involves conversion of energy and manifests itself as movement, namely the five universal classes of motion: 1. The ”primordial motion” and the four so-called ”derived motions” in the physical world known as 2. Space, 3.Time, 4.Transformation, 5. Matter.
The primordial motion has both objective and subjective status and means positional motion “from A to B”, whereas the four derived motions are subjective versions (X3 subj.) and thus alternative representations of the objective primordial motion (X3 obj.), transformed by X1 in interaction with X2.

“Motion is the most distinctive feature of life – movement is life in a demonstration. All motions of the infinite Cosmos neutralize each other, confirming the underlying all-embracing X0-nature of emptiness and stillness. Martinus

The Cosmic Basic Energies and the Morphogenetic Effect Constants/ Cosmic Creative Principles
Everything created in life and reality consists of different combinations of seven extremely subtle, qualitative ”cosmic basic energies” (elementary energies), e.g. physical matter, paraphysical matter, and our feelings, memories, thoughts, and they constitute different planes of existence; the physical world we know and paraphysical dimensions we visit between our physical lives. I.e. the infinite manifested Cosmos consists of these qualitative basic energies. (Read more about the Cosmic Basic Energies.)
The primary basic energy (the “mother energy”) operates via a number of so-called “cosmic creative principles” also termed “morphogenetic effect constants”; formative principles and form-creating forces that sustain and organize life and reality. We can, for instance, empirically observe the effects of the mother energy’s morphogenetic effect constants in what we term the constants and laws of nature with their extremely delicate precision, etc. In other words, the appropriate functioning of the Multiverse (the manifested multidimensional Cosmos) is a result of these morphogenetic effect constants. The X2-function, with its creative principles/ effect constants, creates contrasts to the X0-nature of emptiness, stillness, wholeness, infinity, eternity, nonduality and nonlocality which is transformed and structured into energy/matter, movement, life-units, space, time, states, distances, etc. (Read more about the Cosmic Creative Principles.)

The X2-function with its Cosmic Creative Principles/ Morphogenetic Effect Constants operates and functions as “transformation processes”, creating contrasts to the X0-nature e.g.:

 X0          X1 + X2        X3 ( X3 obj. and X3 subj.)

•  Wholeness      →         Life-units, separation, quantification…
•  Emptiness       →         Energy/ matter
•  Stillness           →         Movement
•  Infinity                      Space, distance
•  Eternity            →         Time


– Life Beyond Death – Existence and Immortality –

The Organism and the Three “Organic” Levels
All living beings have, in addition to the temporary physical body, an immortal paraphysical structure with an ”organic” system, which the physical body is connected to and dependent on. Martinus and his collaborator Per Bruus-Jensen describe the total organism complex and how it operates through three ”organic” levels:

A. Physical
The “Physical Body” – temporary

B. Semiphysical
The “Switching Body” – temporary

C. Paraphysical
The “Eternal Body” – eternal, exists and operates independently of A and B

The Semiphysical Switching Body
The semiphysical (primarily paraphysical) switching body (comprising zero-point field level), functions as a transition and transformation zone and ”organic link” between the physical body and the paraphysical body/ eternal body.
The switching body is connected to the eternal body as well as to the physical brain structure, and functions as a paraphysical extension of the brain. The brain is primarily connected to the switching body when we are awake “day-consciousness” (Martinus’ term) but during sleep “night-consciousness” (Martinus’ term) the contact between the brain and the switching body is, temporarily, almost disconnected. (Night-consciousness is “located at” the semiphyscial level and the paraphysical level. After death when contact with the physical body is lost, the switching body still has an important function for a time before life and consciousness continue at ”higher” paraphysical levels through the paraphysical body.

The Paraphysical Structure and the Talent Cores/ Ability-nucs
The paraphysical structure and dimensions comprise “finer”, more subtle forms of energy/ matter with extremely high frequencies, based on and functioning according to different constants and laws of nature compared to the physical world. The paraphysical reality exists (albeit unobservable to us) “side by side” with physical reality.

The paraphysical structure is very extensive, comprising a complex organic system including, for example, the “talent cores” or “ability-nucs” which are prerequisites for the development of all forms of life. The main functions of these stable storage units are to accumulate all our personal experiences, abilities, skills, qualities, etc., in order to make it possible for us to reuse and develop them, including to take them with us from life to life.

Briefly, a talent core is a paraphysical organic centre of power, containing all the experiences the living being has acquired in certain areas during its eternal life. These experiences in terms of experience and knowledge are transformed into codified patterns of vibrations containing the “data” or “programme”, of which the individual talent core handles the “administration”.

Talent Cores and Perception, Qualia
The talent cores/ ability-nucs play a major role in the creation of qualia at all levels and dimensions. Specialized talent cores so-called memory-talent cores constitute a personal “perception archive”. The information stored in these memory-talent cores gives “resonance” to new incoming objective impulses and influences how we transform, interpret and act on stimuli, i.e. the transformation of objective reality into personal subjective reality, (the bidirectional Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process, X-RCT).

Perception - X-RCT Process, The X-Structure, NCP X-AIONS

The Perception Process – Overview   
Incoming objective impulses (X3 obj.) entering via the physical organism with its sensory organs, nervous system and brain: processes and transformation at the physical level.
The results/ products of the physical processes are moving on to the switching body, transformation processes continue here in preparation for the next level.
Transformed objective impulses reach the eternal body and the primary transformation and perception processes take place in this immortal paraphysical structure and are independent of the physical organism.

It should be emphasized that it is especially at this paraphysical level that objective reality (X3 obj.) is transformed into qualia (X3 subj.), i.e.: immaterial phenomena only existing for the subject/ the ”I”(X1).

Organ-Talent Cores and Primary Form-shaping and Evolving Processes

The paraphysical structure also includes specific “organ-talent cores”, which contain information for the creation of organisms and are crucial to how things take their form, grow and evolve in a particular way (dismissing the traditional theory that all this complex form-shaping and development is merely genetically programmed).
The primary form-shaping and evolving processes with all the underlying information are accumulated in the organ-talent cores and activated at the paraphysical level.
The talent core principle is highly relevant within the field of epigenetics.
Brief Introduction: Consciousness, Reincarnation, Immortality – Video (102).

The total organism complex (physical, semiphysical, paraphysical) is fundamentally built up by different combinations of the seven extremely subtle qualitative basic energies – as already mentioned, these energies constitute everything in life and reality, including different planes of existence, e.g. the physical world we know and paraphysical dimensions we visit between our physical lives.

THE X-STRUCTURE – the Living Being and the Organism (Xom3) – OVERVIEW

The symbol/diagram below presents only the different main levels of the X-Structure including some special terms given by Martinus and/or Per Bruus-Jensen. Please note that the symbol/ diagram does not include details.

You will find  Introduction and Symbol text at the following page Overview – Symbol/Diagram The X-Structure; The Living Being and The Organism.

OBS! Intro til symbolet og (a-i) på Dansk  —  Intro till symbolen och (a-i) på Svenska

The X-Structure - The Living Being and The Organism (Xom3) NCP X-AIONS

The X-Structure – The Living Being and The Organism (Xom3) NCP X-AIONS

The X-Structure
The Nature of Life and Reality

 Existence – Immortality – Evolution
The Cosmic Worldview – Ontology of Life, Consciousness and Reality

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