Overview – Symbol/Diagram (Xom3)

The X-Structure; the Living Being and the Organism

Therner & Loeth

– The X-Structure – X0 and the Triune Operating Principle X1, X2, X3 – the Basic Nature of Life and Reality –

This elementary overview (symbol/diagram and text) presents only the different main levels of the X-Structure including some special terms given by Martinus and/or Per Bruus-Jensen. Please note that the symbol/diagram does not include details.

We also refer to “The X-Structure” (describes the X0-nature and the Triplementary Principle X1, X2, X3) and “Supplementary Information to Ontological Presentations and Symbols/Diagrams (Xom3)”, (includes background perspectives and further developments with comparative and explanatory text, special terms, classifications, references to Martinus’ concepts and terminology, different translations of designations and terms, etc).


  Introduction to the Symbol/Diagram


Symbol/Diagram Text

INTRODUCTION to the Symbol/Diagram

The Immortal Structure
According to the X-Structure all living beings have, in addition to the temporary physical body, an immortal/eternal paraphysical body/structure, which the physical body is completely dependent on. Martinus and Per Bruus-Jensen describe how this paraphysical structure is constructed and how it operates. E.g. the processes and paraphysical structures that, alongside the physical brain activity constitute the basis of our ability to experience, think, remember, feel etc. These paraphysical structures constitute an organic system that exists and operates totally independently of the physical body. The brain’s primary role is – in interaction with a semiphysical structure, connected to a paraphysical structure – to operate as a bridge/interface between the cosmic subject-principle/X1 and the physical material reality/X3 (obj.).

The X-Structure demonstrates that life and consciousness are independent of the physical body, and “to die” just means a transition from physical life to a paraphysical continuation of life. The X-Structure also describes the process of reincarnation and explains past-life memories, near-death experiences, after-death communication etc.

“Paraphysical” and “Semiphysical” including the “Switching Body”
Before we go further a short and simplified definition of Paraphysical and Semiphysical incl. the Switching Body:

Paraphysical: frequency levels ”beyond” what we term physical; comprising “finer”/more subtle forms of energy/matter with higher frequencies and thereby extremely rapid vibrations, based on and functioning according to different constants and laws of nature compared to the physical world we know. The paraphysical reality exists (albeit unobservable to us) ”side by side” with physical reality, and comprises the primary zone of the qualitative basic/fundamental energies and thereby the paraphysical dimensions/planes of existence. (Martinus terms this level “spiritual” and “overphysical” or “higher physical”). This level cannot be explored by traditional science.

Semiphysical: (primarily paraphysical) comprises both physical and paraphysical energy/matter, functions as a transition and transformation zone and “link” between the physical level and the paraphysical level. The semiphysical level comprises the particular energy zone physicists try to define, explain and explore termed the zero-point field. However, the paraphysical world of energy is the source for the semiphysical force field and thereby also for the zero-point field. At this level a special utilization of three of the basic energies, (instinct, expansion/action and contraction/perception) creates a ”heavier” and more massive form of energy compared to the pure paraphysical form. The semiphysical field and the “switching body” (see below) with all its transformation activities are absolutely crucial for creation and experience at the physical level. According to Per Bruus-Jensen this semiphysical level and the switching body might be observed and “registered” in the future by traditional science.

The Switching Body: The semiphysical so-called “switching body” (PBJ’s term) constitutes an “organic link” between the physical body and the paraphysical structure, and executes the transition and transformation functions between the temporary physical body and the immortal paraphysical body structure, the “eternal body”. The switching body is connected to the eternal body as well as to the physical brain structure, and functions as a paraphysical extension of the brain. The brain is primarily connected to the switching body when we are awake (Martinus’ term “day-consciousness”) but during sleep (Martinus’ term “night-consciousness”), the contact between the brain and the switching body is, temporarily, almost disconnected. (Night-consciousness is “located at” the semiphyscial level and the paraphysical level.) After death when contact with the physical body is lost, the switching body still has an important function for a time, before life and consciousness continue at the “higher paraphysical level” through the paraphysical body.

The X-Structure – The Three “Organic” Levels: A. Physical, B. Semiphysical, C. Paraphysical
– and The Creation of Qualia/X3 Subj.; Perception X-RCT Process* supplement follows below the “Perception  X-RCT Process diagram”.

The symbolic illustration of the X-Structure below by Per Bruus-Jensen and NCP X-AIONS also describes the three “organic” levels of the living being and the activity of perception – the creation of qualia.

A. Physical level: The Physical OrganismTemporary status
Incoming objective impulses (X3 obj.) entering via the physical organism with its sensory organs, nervous system and brain, processes and transformation at the physical level.
(Traditional science stops here.)

B. Semiphyscial level: The Switching BodyTemporary status
The switching body (transition and transformation zone and organic link between the temporary physical body and the immortal/eternal paraphysical body). The switching body structure is connected to the eternal body as well as to the physical brain structure, and functions as a paraphysical extension of the brain.
The results/products of the physical processes are moving on to the switching body, transformation processes continue here in preparation for the next level.
(According to Per Bruus-Jensen this semiphysical structure/switching body might be observed and “registered” in the future by traditional science.)

C. Paraphysical level: The Eternal BodyEternal, autonomous status
Transformed objective impulses reach the eternal body and the primary transformation and perception processes take place in this immortal paraphysical structure and are independent of the physical organism. The paraphysical organism is very extensive, comprising an extremely complex organic system including e.g. the “talent cores”/ “ability-nucs” and the ”perception archive”. The information stored in these talent cores gives “resonance” to new incoming objective impulses and influences how we transform, interpret and act on stimuli, i.e. the transformation of objective reality into personal subjective reality, (the bidirectional “Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process”, X-RCT).
It should be emphasized that it is especially at this paraphysical level that objective reality (X3 Obj.) is transformed into qualia (X3 Subj.), i.e.: immaterial phenomena only existing for the subject/the “I” (X1).
(This level cannot be explored by traditional science, it can only be described by cosmic science primarily based on intuition.)

Supplementary diagram “Perception  X-RCT Process”  Perception - X-RCT Process, The X-Structure (Xom3-e) NCP X-AIONS

* Supplement – The X-RCT Process:
The Reality-Consciousness Transformation Process – X-RCT Process; the bidirectional manifestation-perception process from unmanifested initial reality into manifested objective reality (manifestation) and the experience of it as qualia, subjective reality (perception) consciousness. – I.e. from emptiness and stillness (initial reality, X0) to movement and quanta (objective reality, X3 obj.) to qualia (subjective reality, X3 subj.).

The X-Structure – the Living Being and the Organism (Xom3) – Overview

The X-Structure - The Livning Being and The Organism (Xom3) NCP X-AIONS

(a) X0 the Initial Reality with its Central Need/CN and Infinite Potential,
Primordial Domain of Existence, the ”Unmanifested”, (emptiness, stillness)

(b) X1 the Subject/ the “I” with its initiating Primordial Urge/PU,
the Eternal Creator/Experiencer function, (emptiness, stillness)

(c) X2 the Mother Energy (the Primary Qualitative Basic Energy),
Primary Psychic Force field, (Eternal Body)

(d) X2/X3 the Eternal Body – Primary level (the “Element of Fate”),
Primary Psychic Force field, (“PP-force field”)
(at this level, we find the Perception Archive and different kinds of Ability-Nucs/ Talent Cores)

(e) X2/X3 the Eternal Body – Secondary level (the “Soul Structure”),
Secondary Psychic Force field, (“SP-force field”, Soul level)

(f) X2/X3 the Temporary Semiphysical structure; the “Switching Body”,
Semiphysical Force field

(g) X2/X3 the Temporary Physical organism; the Physical Body,
Physical Force field

(h-i) X3 the Created (X3 obj.) and Experienced (X3 subj.) – Energy Conversion:

(h) X3 Objectively: Energy Conversion, Movement – the “Created/Manifested”, Objective Reality, Material effect
X3 obj. the “Created” = objective reality: conversion of energy (X2) into movement (X3 obj.) (including material effect).

(i) X3 Subjectively: Energy Conversion, Qualia – the “Experienced”, Consciousness, Subjective Reality, Immaterial effect
X3 subj. the “Experienced” = subjective reality: the experience of movement (X3 obj.) as qualia, experience, consciousness (X3 subj.).

(I.e.: X3 obj. (the created) transformed via X2 (the creative and experiential ability), into X3 subj. only existing for X1 (the subject) (immaterial effect).
The figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in the diagram illustrate experiences (X3 subj.) of movement (X3 obj.), namely, the five universal classes of motion: 1. the primordial motion/ positional motion “from A to B” and the four derived motions that we know as 2. space, 3. time, 4. transformation, 5. matter.