NCP X-AIONS presentation No 1, TSC 2020
The Science of Consciousness Conference, University of Arizona

Life and Consciousness Beyond Death
– The X-Structure – The Nature of Life and Immortality (No 1)

Life and consciousness beyond death
Cosmic Worldview
The eternal X- Structure
The total organism complex
Semiphysical and paraphysical body
The paraphysical stucture and Talent Cores
The Talent Cores, Qualia, NCP X-AIONS
Organic -Talent Cores-Epigenetics, NCP X-AIONS
Physical and Paraphysical Dimensions, NCP X-AIONS
The Basic Energies- Fundamental Energies, NCP X-AIONS
The Split of Mother Energy; NCP X-AIONS
The X-Structure and Living Being; NCP X-AIONS
Symbol- X the Living Being; NCP X-AIONS
Description -Symbol X The Living Being, NCP X-AIONS
The Three Functional Aspects of the X-Structure; NCP X-AIONS