The Science of Consciousness (TSC) Conference 2023 in Brief

The Science of Consciousness - TSC 2023 - New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS

The Science of Consciousness – The International TSC Conference 2023, organized by The Center for Consciousness Studies CCS/TSC, The University of Arizona this year in association with Università di Palermo, Università di Messina, Università IULM, Milano was held in Palazzo dei Congressi in Taormina, Sicily IT, May 22-27.

Palazzo dei Congressi, Taormina, IT - TSC 2023As in previous years, it was a very inspiring and interesting conference with participants from all over the world. We (Therner & Loeth, NCP X-AIONS), join the Italian co-organizers in their warm thanks to Stuart Hameroff who has developed and kept the spirit of the conference year after year – this was the 29th! It is well known that among all the problems in science and philosophy, consciousness is the most difficult, yet the most fascinating. The TSC conference is the most interdisciplinary of all and has fostered intense, exciting and challenging dialogues among philosophers, neuroscientists, physicists, psychologists, medical experts, biologists, artificial intelligence experts, scholars of humanities, and many others. In short, the TSC conference offers a broad-spectrum and very comprehensive overview of the state of the art of consciousness science and studies.

Palazzo dei Congressi, Taormina, IT - TSC 2023 TSC 2023 - New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS - Palazzo dei Congressi, Taormina, IT It is clear that more and more people are questioning traditional physicalism and the materialistic approach. Particularly in connection with our presentation Consciousness, Reincarnation, Evolution and the X-Structure; the Nature of Life and Reality, (abstract below), we noticed a greater openness and curiosity regarding reincarnation. We find this natural and in line with the fact that more and more cases and studies demonstrate that consciousness survives the death of the physical body. Some participants talked spontaneously about their own experiences, such as memories of previous lives and near-death experiences/ NDEs. There were many personal and in-depth conversations, and we are grateful for the great interest and positive response we received.

TSC 2023 - New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS - Palazzo dei Congressi, Taormina, IT.
TSC 2023- Palazzo dei Congressi, Taormina, IT - New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS.
TSC 2023 - Palazzo dei Congressi, Taormina, IT - New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS .

Ulf Holmberg, TSC 2023Moreover, we found some new areas that we hadn’t noticed before at the TSC. An example of this comes from the economist and independent Swedish researcher Ulf Holmberg. His presentation takes us to the global financial market: Consciousness, sentiment and stock market returns: Could the GCP* data be put to practical use?

*The Global Consciousness Project, (GCP, also called the EGG Project is a parapsychology long-term, continuing experiment that began in 1998 as an attempt to detect possible interactions of “global consciousness” with physical systems. In this field we also find the well-known scientist Dean Radin experimentally testing the relationship between mind and matter.)

There was also great focus and complex discussions on the following three hypotheses:

1. Naturalistic dualism, the view held by David Chalmers, states that mental states supervene the physical state. Chalmers proposed that consciousness is not reducible to any physical system because it is a fundamental element of physics.
2. The Penrose – Hameroff theory of Orchestrated objective reduction (Orch OR) identifies discrete conscious moments with quantum computations in microtubules inside brain neurons, e.g., 40/s in concert with gamma synchrony EEG. The theory suggests that there is a connection between the brain’s biomolecular processes and the basic structure of the universe.
3. The identity between mind and object (MOI) by Riccardo Manzotti, suggests that a new approach to identity is possible by considering the physical objects that exist relative to our bodies rather than neural processes.

David Chalmers
Stuart Hameroff & Roger Penrose
Riccardo Manzotti

The renowned Nobel Laureate, mathematician and physicist Roger Penrose, has been a recurring and much appreciated speaker at the TSC conferences, focusing this time on Effective Quantum Retroactivity in Rapid Conscious Decisions.

In summary, we are grateful for the conference which gives hope for a coming deeper understanding of life and reality, much needed at this time with widespread states of war, extremely serious environmental threats and rapidly growing climate problems and crises.


Consciousness, Reincarnation, Evolution and the X-Structure; the Nature of Life and Reality.

Steen Loeth, Birgitta Therner

New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS Advanced Institute of Ontological Principles and New Science, Skövde, Västra Götaland, Sweden


1.0 Philosophy


[01.04]……..Ontology of consciousness


[01.01]……..The concept of consciousness


Consciousness, Reincarnation, Evolution and the X-Structure; the Nature of Life and Reality.


Consciousness beyond life, Consciousness independent of the physical brain, Past-life memories, Reincarnation, Near-death experiences (NDE), etc. There is a lot of research in these areas, e.g., studies by Dr. Jim B Tucker, (University of Virginia School of Medicine), focusing on Children’s Memories of Previous Life and Reincarnation Research; Dr. Pim van Lommel, NDE Research and, Dr. Peter Fenwick, End-of-Life Phenomena. The evidence is convincing and overwhelming but at the same time explanations are lacking and being sought. New Cosmic Paradigm – NCP X-AIONS presents a comprehensive, logical model that explains these often-called paranormal phenomena, based on The Cosmic Worldview/ Martinus Cosmology, presented by Danish intuitive philosopher Martinus Thomsen and his collaborator Per Bruus-Jensen. A post-materialistic, holistic and organic world picture, focusing on the so-called X-Structure – the Basic Nature of Life and Reality. The Cosmic Worldview describes the independence of consciousness from the physical brain, and the process of reincarnation, including how life after physical death continues on paraphysical planes of existence and the course of events that leads to a new incarnation. The X-Structure provides natural explanations for memories from previous lives, xenoglossy, near-death experiences, etc., and demonstrates new and ground-breaking perspectives on evolution. Through natural science, we know the physical body, but to understand the previously mentioned phenomena we must get to know the total organism complex. The X-Structure demonstrates that all living beings have, in addition to the temporary physical body, an immortal paraphysical body/ structure, which the physical body is connected to and dependent on. The extensive paraphysical body comprises a complex organic system that includes unique stable storage units, termed talent cores. The main functions of these stable storage units are to accumulate and process all our personal experiences, abilities, skills, qualities, etc., in order to make it possible for us to reuse and develop them, and to take them with us from life to life. The talent cores are prerequisites for the development of all forms of life and evolutionary processes. Specific organ-talent cores contain information for the creation of organisms and are crucial to how things take their form, grow and evolve in a particular way, dismissing the traditional theory that all this complex form-shaping and development is merely genetically programmed. The primary form-shaping and evolving processes with all the underlying information are accumulated in the organ-talent cores and activated at the paraphysical level when the reincarnation process begins. The talent cores are highly relevant in the field of epigenetics as they directly exert an influence on the genes of the DNA spiral. During the embryonic and fetal periods, we repeat earlier stages of our development. This “repetition” can be observed and followed throughout the different stages where the pre-programmed organ-talent cores automatically govern and control the creating and shaping of a unique organism. New Cosmic Paradigm – NCP X-AIONS Advanced Institute of Ontological Principles and New Science represents the ontological (non-religious) branch of The Cosmic Worldview/ Martinus Cosmology – presenting Ontological Principles and New Science, focusing on the great issues of Life, Consciousness and Reality.


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