Noetic Sciences – IONS:
The Frontiers of Consciousness Research and Practice

 Lucca, Italy, September 2012

Cassandra Vieten and Dean Radin IONS

Cassandra Vieten and Dean Radin – Institute of Noetic Sciences

– Seminar with IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin and Director of Research Cassandra Vieten, in Lucca Italy, September 23-28 2012, participants from USA, Australia, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, France, Denmark and Sweden (NCP X-AIONS). See also IONS – Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Many of the issues and research findings that were presented and discussed can really be confirmed, supported and developed by the extensive model illustrated in Martinus Cosmology – The Cosmic Worldview, not least What Consciousness is and How and Why it does matter…

Headlines from the program:

  • Consciousness Matters: From Ordinary to Extraordinary Human Capacities
  • The Art and Science of Transformation
  • Experiential Exploration of Enhanced Consciousness
  • Remote Viewing and Non-Local Perception (Verified Clairvoyance)

Presentation of some sessions:

“In this session, we will introduce what science has learned about the potentials of human consciousness. Consciousness encompasses all of the aspects of our subjective or noetic grasp of reality, including perception, attention, intention, awareness, intuition, gut feelings, instincts, and beyond. Limitations in our understanding of consciousness constrains us from achieving our full potentials. Noetic Sciences investigate how consciousness matters, i.e., how consciousness may arise not only from complex interactions in physical matter (e.g., the brain), but also have a causal influence on the objective, external, physical world. While religion, spirituality, and to some extent academic psychology and the neurosciences have begun to study subjective experience, consciousness remains a vastly underexplored domain.”

Science Marches on....... IONS
Sir Arthur Eddington IONS

“This session will discuss the orthodox scientific understanding of consciousness as well clues from frontier science suggesting that consciousness may have powers and potentials far beyond what our textbooks say.
Findings that challenge the prevailing scientific paradigm, such as studies on precognition/retro-causation, distant mental interactions/ESP, and remote viewing; Introductory theories that may underlie such findings. Presentations of several of experiments involving precognition, distant mental interactions, mind-matter interactions, and telepathy.”

“How consciousness transforms: How people make fundamental shifts in their worldview that result in long-lasting changes in behavior and ways of being. Based on over a decade of multidisciplinary research on transformational experiences and practices, participants will learn:
– What catalyzes transformation, and what differentiates between difficult experiences being traumatic vs. transformative;
– How we are hard-wired to resist new information that contradicts current meaning systems;
– The four elements of transformative practice;
– How transformative practices can be integrated into everyday life;
– The role of self-transcendence and loosening ego identification in psychological well-being;
– How quality of life and psychological health is being redefined;
– How transformation often begins with a “noetic experience” and results in “extended human capacities” arising from a greater sense of our essential interconnectedness”

“This session will focus on how mindful awareness practices can be applied in a variety of ways to broaden perception, build internal resources, enhance self-regulation, and stimulate epistemological experiences of meaning, beauty, awe, wonder, and curiosity. We will weave the latest findings from contemplative neuroscience into the experiential session.”


Thank you all, speakers, organizers and participants for very inspiring days!