NCP X-AIONS presentation No 1, TSC 2016
The Science of Consciousness Conference

Center for Consciousness Studies CCS/TSC, The University of Arizona

The X-Structure:
The Solution to the Hard Problem of Consciousness and Reality


THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS 2016, Tucson, AZ (April 25-30, 2016)

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Abstract Title: The X-Structure: the Solution to the Hard Problem of Consciousness and Reality

Primary Topic Area: [01.08]……..The “hard problem” and the explanatory gap
Secondary Topic Area: [01.04]……..Ontology of consciousness

Abstract: Traditional science and the current paradigm cannot provide us with a description of reality as it is, because all human experience is subjective; resulting in a transformed subjective and limited understanding of reality. Primarily we are limited by our sensory organs and the specific way they operate. It is notable and very clear that everything described by traditional science is an interpretation of how we perceive it: a subjective view and understanding of reality, an image we ourselves have created through our sensory organs. In 2014 at the TSC conference, Deepak Chopra, Menas Kafatos and Niel Theise also highlighted this problem in a conference paper headed: “Can Current Science Give Us Access To Reality?” emphasizing that: “Empirical evidence is a description of species specific (human) mode of observation in a specific planetary system”. The above mentioned highlights a “hard problem” of current science and a significant barrier to scientific development. The first steps to a new and greater understanding of reality are facilitated by the recognition of this obstacle combined with an open and humble mind. According to The Cosmic Worldview we can only fully understand reality as it is via intuition and this understanding is independent of our ordinary perception and sensory organs. The aforementioned worldview is based on the knowledge conveyed by the Danish intuitive philosopher and mystic Martinus Thomsen, systematized and developed into a “top-down model” bridging to traditional science by his collaborator Per Bruus-Jensen. The Cosmic Worldview presents a new ontology – a conscious, infinite multiverse and the basic nature of life and reality; “the X-structure”. This fundamental X-structure is in principle the same for all living things and its main function is continuous creation of consciousness. Very briefly: The initial reality “X0” is an all-embracing unmanifested, virtual world of emptiness and stillness, containing infinite potential of creative possibilities. This X0-nature is continuously activating an indivisible, integrated Triune Operating Principle with three functional aspects: X1 Creator and Experiencer (the subject/I, emptiness, stillness); X2 Creative and Experiential Ability (energy, morphogenetic effect constants); X3 the Created and Experienced (energy conversion, objectively represented by movement, the material illusion and subjectively represented by life-experience/consciousness). The result of the interaction between the Subject (X1) and its Creative/Experiential Ability (X2) is represented by the Created (X3); namely the material illusion as objective reality on one side – and – the experience of it as subjective reality on the other, “the subjective reality complex”. Summarily: The triune operating principle is activating and transforming the emptiness and stillness into energy, force, movement, matter and the subjective side of it all, namely; experience/consciousness. If we go deeper into this structure and process we will also find a solution to the hard problem of consciousness by exploring and understanding the immortal structure of life and the transformation process of objective reality into subjective reality/consciousness – and thereby an insight into reality as it is … The X-research project by NCP X-AIONS, New Cosmic Paradigm with Advanced Institute of Ontological Principles and New Science,

Author: Steen Loeth
Other Authors: Arnold Therner; Per Bruus-Jensen; N-B Therner
Key words: Consciousness; hard problem; initial reality; objective reality; subjective reality; X-structure; Cosmic Worldview; Martinus; Per Bruus-Jensen; Ontology; Triune Operating Principle; immortality; X0
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Publishing Organization: NCP X-AIONS New Cosmic Paradigm – Advanced Institute of Ontological Principles and New Science