NCP X-AIONS presentation No 1, TSC 2012
The Science of Consciousness Conference University of Arizona

Fundamental Energy Theory (FET):
Six specific Qualitative Vacuum Energies that Constitute our Physical World and Everything that Exists – A New Paradigm


THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS 2012, Tucson, AZ (April 9-14, 2012)

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Abstract Title: Fundamental Energy Theory (FET): Six specific Qualitative Vacuum Energies that Constitute our Physical World and Everything that Exists – A New Paradigm

Primary Topic Area: [04.01]……..Quantum theory
Secondary Topic Area: [04.03]……..Integrative models

Abstract: Although natural science has created the foundation of our modern technological society, it cannot explain what the physical world essentially consists of and what it really is. (Physics assumes that the total energy of the universe is composed of 70% dark energy, 25% dark matter and only 5% ordinary matter – in fact 95% of the universe consists of something unknown.) The same is true for consciousness, in fact both our inner and outer worlds are a mystery. ‘The Cosmic Worldview’ including ‘The Fundamental Energy Theory’ – FET involves a completely new description of reality that provides logical and consistent answers to these puzzles. FET takes us into the vacuum/zero-point field and describes the vacuum energies or ‘fundamental energies’ operating there. According to the theory there are six of these subtle energies, each possessing a specific quality – which is an original and novel concept. These qualitative energies also have different impacts and strengths and they build up everything from the very densest physical matter to the most subtle that exists including our own consciousness and mental life comprising thoughts, feelings, memories, etc. One part of FET is primarily focusing on two of the fundamental energies, the expansion and contraction energies and how they are underlying and constituting the entire physical world, (the other four fundamental energies are also involved in these processes but to a much lesser degree). The expansion and contraction energies have totally opposite characteristics, according to their names the expansion energy expands and the contraction energy contracts, i.e. there is a tension between them. FET states that the interaction and tension between these two energies constitute the very basis of what physicists call force, particles and matter. The theory describes the creation of particles from the zero-point field that in turn elucidates the phenomena of mass (Higgs field), curved space, the mechanisms of gravity and much more. Actually FET also meets all the criteria for what physicists term ‘the Theory of Everything’. The completely novel concept presented in FET is that the vacuum/zero-point field contains six specific qualitative energies constituting everything and that two of them have qualitatively opposing features that give rise to the entire physical world. Taken together, in fact this is a New Paradigm. FET is based on the intuitive knowledge contained in Martinus Cosmology – and is made available by the independent organization New Cosmic Paradigm NCP, working with the branch of this intuitive knowledge that is building bridges to science. This area is especially represented by Per Bruus-Jensen, former trainee and collaborator with Martinus. An important addition to this field is ‘The Fundamental Energy Theory/FET’ presented in the book: ‘Physics, Martinus Cosmology and The Theory of Everything’ (2012) by Leif Pettersson, published by NCP. – A new understanding of a reality according to which the universe is infinite and alive and where life is controlled and governed by an all-embracing consciousness in harmony with eternal creative principles and precise laws of nature that are associated with it.

Author: N-B Therner
Other Authors: Arnold Therner; Steen Loeth MD, PhD; Andrea Moellenkvist PhD; Leif Pettersson
Key words: FET; Fundamental Energy Theory; Physical; Paraphysical; Vacuum Energies; Theory of Everything; Zero-point field; Greater Reality; NCP;Qualitative Fundamental Energies; Martinus Cosmology; New Paradigm; Cosmic
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Publishing Organization: New Cosmic Paradigm – NCP (NCP X-AIONS New Cosmic Paradigm – Advanced Institute of Ontological Principles and New Science)