NCP X-AIONS presentation No 2, TSC 2016
The Science of Consciousness Conference

Center for Consciousness Studies CCS/TSC, The University of Arizona

The Basic Nature of Consciousness and The Structure of Entanglement Explained by The X-Structure


THE SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS 2016, Tucson, AZ (April 25-30, 2016)

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Abstract Title: The Basic Nature of Consciousness and The Structure of Entanglement Explained by The X-Structure

Primary Topic Area: [01.01]……..The concept of consciousness
Secondary Topic Area: [01.04]……..Ontology of consciousness

Abstract: Ontologically, according to the X-structure, the Multiverse/Cosmos is not simply an inert and random collection of energy and matter but, on the contrary, is a living infinite and all-embracing entity; an immaterial “Something” with the will and ability to experience, and which through this experience attains disposal over so-called consciousness, continuously generated by the X-structure. Reality fundamentally represented by the primordial domain of existence “X0” is an all-embracing unmanifested, virtual world of emptiness and stillness, containing infinite potential of creative possibilities. The X0-nature is continuously activating an indivisible, integrated Triune Operating Principle with three functional aspects: X1 Creator and Experiencer (the subject/I, emptiness, stillness); X2 Creative and Experiential Ability (energy, morphogenetic effect constants); X3 the Created and Experienced (objectively represented by movement, the material illusion and subjectively represented by: life-experience/consciousness). This fundamental X-structure is in principle the same for all living things and describes our immortal nature, how it is constructed and operates. In addition to the temporary physical body, there is an immortal paraphysical body, which the physical body is conected to and completely dependent on. The X-structure is activating and transforming the emptiness and stillness into energy, force, movement, matter and the subjective side of it all, namely; experience/consciousness. X2 is expressed by seven extremely subtle qualitative “fundamental/basic energies” with specific characteristics. These qualitative basic energies build up everything from the most subtle (thoughts, feelings, memories etc.) to the very densest (physical matter, black holes etc.). The primary fundamental energy operates via a number of so-called cosmic creative principles – morphogenetic effect constants; formative forces that sustain and organize life and reality. We can empirically observe the effects of these morphogenetic effect constants in the laws of nature. The X2-function and its morphogenetic effect constants “split up” the all-embracing totality (X0), and create a contrast to the status of non-duality and non-locality. The nature of infinity and eternity is divided and separated into life-units, individuals, as well as states, distances, space, time, etc. The complementarity of wholeness/oneness and duality/separation, and “the structure of entanglement” are formed and expressed through the morphogenetic effect constants (X2).The result of the interaction between the Subject (X1) and its Creative/Experiential Ability (X2) is represented by the Created (X3); namely the material illusion as objective reality on one side – and – the experience of it as subjective reality on the other, “the subjective reality complex”. In fact it is all about the Creation of Experience/Consciousness – and this is the superior task of the Triune Operating Principle and thereby of Life itself. If we go deeper into this structure and process, we will also find the solution to the so-called hard problem of consciousness. The X-structure is based on the intuitive knowledge illustrating the Cosmic Worldview conveyed by the Danish intuitive philosopher and mystic Martinus Thomsen, especially presented by his collaborator Per Bruus-Jensen and “the X-Project” by NCP X-AIONS, New Cosmic Paradigm with Advanced Institute of Ontological Principles and New Science, researching the Ontology of the Cosmic Worldview and presenting New Science,

Author: Arnold Therner
Other Authors: Steen Loeth; N-B Therner, Per Bruus-Jensen
Key words: X-structure; Initial reality; Nonduality; Nonlocality; Triune operating principle; Basic energies; Morphogenetic effect constants; Entanglement; Consciousness; Immortality; Paraphysical; Martinus
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Publishing Organization: NCP X-AIONS New Cosmic Paradigm – Advanced Institute of Ontological Principles and New Science