NCP X-AIONS presentation No 1 – TSC 2024

The Science of Consciousness – 30th annual – The International TSC Conference
Center for Consciousness Studies CCS/TSC, The University of Arizona
April 22-27, Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, Tucson, AZ

The Journey of Consciousness Independent of
The Physical Body and Reincarnation: A Fundamental Process of Evolution.


The Journey of Consciousness Independent of The Physical Body and Reincarnation:
A Fundamental Process of Evolution.

Categories by Discipline
4.0 Physical and Biological Sciences

Authors and affiliations
Birgitta Therner (Presenting)
New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS, Skövde, Västra Götaland, Sweden

Steen Loeth
New Cosmic Paradigm NCP X-AIONS, Skövde, Västra Götaland, Sweden

Primary Topic Area – TSC Taxonomy
[04.11]……..Consciousness and evolution

Secondary Topic Area – TSC Taxonomy
[04.10]……..Origin and nature of life

Abstract Title
The Journey of Consciousness Independent of The Physical Body and Reincarnation: A Fundamental Process of Evolution.

Consciousness beyond life, independent of the physical brain, past-life memories, reincarnation, and near-death experiences constitute a significant body of research. Dr. Jim B. Tucker’s studies at the University of Virginia School of Medicine focus on children’s memories of previous lives and reincarnation. Dr. Pim van Lommel explores near-death experiences, and Dr. Peter Fenwick delves into end-of-life phenomena. The evidence is convincing and overwhelming, but at the same time, explanations are lacking and being sought. New Cosmic Paradigm (NCP X-AIONS) introduces a comprehensive model that addresses and explains these phenomena. This logical model is based on The Cosmic Worldview, presented by Danish intuitive philosopher Martinus Thomsen and his collaborator Per Bruus-Jensen. The Cosmic Worldview provides a post-materialistic, holistic, and organic world picture focusing on the so-called X-Structure ‒ the nature of life and reality. The Cosmic Worldview demonstrates the independence of consciousness from the physical brain and outlines the process of reincarnation. It explains how life continues in paraphysical planes of existence after physical death and describes the sequence of events leading to a new incarnation. The X-Structure provides natural explanations for memories from previous lives, xenoglossy, near-death experiences, and more. Moreover, it presents groundbreaking perspectives on evolution and outlines the evolutionary journey of all life forms in the Cosmic Evolutionary Spiral. The X-Structure demonstrates that all living beings have, in addition to the temporary physical body, an immortal paraphysical body/ structure, which the physical organism is connected to and dependent on. The paraphysical body constitutes an extensive and complex organic system. Within this organic system, unique stable storage units, referred to as talent cores, play a pivotal role. One of the main functions of talent cores is to accumulate and process all our individual experiences, abilities, skills, qualities, etc., to make it possible for us to reuse and develop them and to carry them with us from life to life. The talent cores function as essential prerequisites for the development of all forms of life and evolutionary processes. Specific organ-talent cores contain information crucial to the creation of organisms, dismissing the conventional notion that complex form-shaping and development are solely genetically programmed. According to the Cosmic Worldview, the primary form-shaping and evolving processes with all the underlying information are accumulated in the organ-talent cores and activated at the paraphysical level when the reincarnation process commences. The significance of talent cores extends to the field of epigenetics, where they exert a direct influence on the genes of the DNA spiral. Throughout the embryonic and fetal periods, individuals undergo a repetition of their earlier developmental stages. This repetitive process is observable and traceable across different stages, wherein pre-programmed talent cores autonomously govern and control the creation and shaping of a unique organism. New Cosmic Paradigm – NCP X-AIONS Advanced Institute of Ontological Principles and New Science stands as the ontological, non-religious arm of The Cosmic Worldview/ Martinus Cosmology. NCP X-AIONS is dedicated to presenting Ontological Principles and New Science, centering its focus on the great issues of Life, Consciousness, and Reality.

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