NCP X-AIONS presentation No 1 – TSC 2022
The Science of Consciousness Conference
Center for Consciousness Studies CCS/TSC, The University of Arizona

The Evolution of the Living Multidimensional Cosmos
with Endless Cycles of Universes and the X-Structure


SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS 2022 (April 18-22), Tucson, Arizona 

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Abstract Title: The Evolution of the Living Multidimensional Cosmos with Endless Cycles of Universes and the X-Structure

Primary Topic Area: 04.04 Cosmology integrative models
Secondary Topic Area: 01.03 Panpsychism and cosmopsychism

Abstract: The Cosmos is undergoing an eternal dynamic cyclic evolutionary process. This means, for instance, that there is neither a beginning nor an end of time, and that our universe is just one of an endless number of universes existing in the all-encompassing multidimensional Cosmos. What we term the Big Bang actually represents one expression of a never-ending process with recurring Big Bangs where one universe replaces another. This is fundamental to the ontology of the Cosmic Worldview presented by the Danish intuitive philosopher Martinus Thomsen. In this area we also find similarities to models presented by Roger Penrose, Niel Turok, Paul Steinhardt and other physicists. Martinus describes the principles and forces behind these astrobiological processes by focusing on the “X-Structure” – the basic nature of life and reality. The Cosmos is based on the initial reality, termed X0, which constitutes the ultimate source of everything. X0 represents a living, unmanifested “Something”, characterized by wholeness, emptiness, stillness, infinity and eternity, with the ability to manifest itself through an indivisible triplementary principle with three functional aspects: X1 the creating Something, the driving force behind all creation and manifestations; X2 qualitative basic energies, constituting the ability for X1 to manifest and create a contrast to the X0-nature; X3 energy conversion, the effects of the interaction between X1 and X2, resulting in the manifested Cosmos. The X2-function basically consists of seven extremely subtle qualitative “cosmic basic energies”, which means a completely new concept of energy. Everything created consists of different combinations of these basic energies, each holding specific properties. The entire physical world is based on the interaction between the so-called expansion energy and contraction energy. These two basic energies are also the most dominant in the endless, cyclic process with its recurring phases of expansion and contraction/compression, in which new universes are born, evolve and die. These astrobiological processes are governed and controlled by the primary basic energy (the mother energy), that holds and operates via a number of so-called cosmic creative principles or morphogenetic effect constants; form-creating and structuring forces that sustain and organize life and reality. We can empirically observe the effects of these morphogenetic effect constants in the constants and laws of nature with their extremely delicate precision. The X2-function with its creative principles/effect constants, operates and functions as “transformation processes” which create contrasts to the X0-nature of emptiness, stillness, wholeness, infinity, eternity, nonduality and nonlocality which is transformed and structured into energy/matter, movement, life-units, space, time, states, distances, etc. The so-called cycle principle and motion principle (comprising the five universal classes of motion including space, time, matter) are crucially important for the formation of the endless cycles of universes. These transformation processes with recurring Big Bangs where one universe replaces another involve reincarnations and disincarnations of universes in the living multidimensional Cosmos. All forms of life evolve in the Cosmic Evolutionary spiral. New Cosmic Paradigm – NCP X-AIONS is representing the Cosmic Worldview and the branch of Martinus Cosmology that presents Ontological Principles and New Science,

Author: Steen Loeth
Other Authors: Birgitta Therner
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Publishing Organization: NCP X-AIONS New Cosmic Paradigm